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Young athletes physically develop from early childhood to late adolescence. It means that they have different capabilities, and for this reason, young athlete training programs can’t be just scaled down versions of adult training programs.

There are certain times when a pre-adolescent and early adolescent will quickly and optimally respond to a certain type of training more so than others. These periods are known as ‘skills windows’, although they are more about physiological outputs rather than specific skill – that’s strength, endurance and speed. Boys’ skill windows reside between the ages of 9 and 12 and for girls between 8 and 11. Research indicates that during these periods a child’s body is developing the right enzymes and hormones and it is extremely important to develop young athletes’ sports performance at this particular period of time.

At Dakmak Fitness all the activities for young athletes are fun and not overly technical. Drills and practices are selected to develop physiology and give foundation skills.  All children would be able to run effectively, jump and throw basically. These fundamental skills could then be developed in later life and targeted at certain sports.

Our personal trainers will record child’s weight and height on a monthly basis, in order to determine changes in their bodies. Our coaches will foster an atmosphere of healthy competition that emphasizes confidence, cooperation, and a positive self-image, rather than just winning.

We value your health! It’s vital that young athletes consume enough dietary fuel for these extra energy demands. Furthermore, the timing of meals and/or snacks can be a challenge when active children are trying to schedule schooling, homework, plus physical training and competitive sessions. In addition, active children may be at greater risk than adults for exercise-induced dehydration. With careful planning provided by our instructors, young athletes can learn to incorporate nutrition to meet all the dietary demands. Also there are several rules that are always followed by our trainers, in order of preventing injuries and health problems:

  • physical examinations  – to prevent  potential problems and injuries
  • Always warm up before training
  • Avoid training when very tired or in pain

After reaching teenage years it’s recommended to start strength training. Making the decision to begin a strength training program is the first step towards athletic success, deciding on the correct type of training is the next. Dakmak personal trainers will compose personal strength training program, based on analytical view of the chosen sport and athlete’s physiology.

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