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Powerlifting is an individualized sport in which competitors attempt to lift as much weight as possible for one repetition in the squat, bench press and deadlift. Each lifter is classified by several measurements including weight class, age group and experience level.

Dakmak gym offers the best powerlifting classes in the Baton Rouge area. We focus on all the above mentioned powerlifting forms: squat, bench press and deadlift. Our personal trainers will help you to develop strength, master the technique, and teach you the right nutrition and correct selection of equipment needed. Personal trainers also write individual strength programs for each lifter based on his/her needs and goals. For attending this class no prior powerlifting experience is necessary.

Our team of professional trainers will guide you through all stages of training to help you develop strength. This goal will require a substantial addition of strength for key compound exercises like bench press, squats, overhead presses and other. Key to reaching strong body lies in maximizing your effort, using small but consistent steps. Progress comes from following these essential rules:

  • Stay persistent – stop making excuses
  • Stick to the program offered by trainer
  • Make sure you eat properly

Nutrition is an essential part of every workout type, especially in powerlifting.  In order to be building muscle and not fat the lifters should follow trainer’s instructions. Unlike other sports, lifter will not have a strict diet plan, because certain amount of fat is still needed for gaining mass and energy, but still the powerlifter should always keep an eye on his/her diet, consulting with his /her trainer. Also some lifters will need supplements with creatine, Vitamin D and calcium. Our trainers will help you to choose the right supplements for your program.

Powerlifting requires special equipement in order to boost your success and prevent injuries. Our coaches swill teach you how to choose the right equipement for you, depending on your skills and goals. They will help you sort good ones from bad. Here is the list of essential powerlifting equipement:

  • Flat shoes- to distribute weight through the backside of the foot.
  • Lifting belt- they improve strength and performance and decrease the risk of injury, by supporting lifters back.
  • Wrist wraps- help you stabilize the wrist, allowing lifters to safely handle heavier weight.
  • Singlet- they are required on competitions, without wearing one you are not allowed.

After mastering your skills our trainers will help you to find and prepare for a competition. Our gym is the best in Baton Rouge area. We have all the equipment needed for training powerlifters.  If you live nearby and want to start powerlifting we will be happy to see you in our friendly environment.