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We are a friendly personal training gym based right in Baton Rouge. We understand the different needs of our members and we are here to help guide you from the very beginning.

If you’re a beginner looking to get started on a fitness workout routine, there are likely a number of concerns you have at this point. First, what type of exercise should you be doing to maximize your results? Second, how can you find a class that is at your skill level where you won’t feel like you can’t keep up the pace? And third, how can you avoid injury?

We offer many ways for you to start and, most importantly, our personal trainers will choose the best program that meets your needs and helps you accomplish your goals. We understand that everyone has a different idea of a perfect workout. We offer wide range of programs starting from easy aerobics to hard cardio exercises. Types of workouts will be chosen carefully by our personal trainers based on your physiology and level of your ability.

For beginners it’s best to start from the light workouts like aerobics. Aerobics is an easy start, accompanied by the pleasant feeling of burning fat. After few months of aerobics you can start more difficult cardio exercises, while still being on the beginners level. Cardio exercises make your heart beat faster, burning more fat. The important part of any exercise is hydration and proper nutrition.

Beginners usually need some guidelines in their nutrition. Dakmak personal trainers will be there for you to help you choose the best meal plan, adapted to your personal body type.

Our personal trainers are amazing at keeping you motivated and committed. The Dakmak gym personal trainers always make sure you take necessary steps in your fitness routine, for avoiding any kind of injuries:

  • Warming up – any physical activity should start from the warm up, it helps your body to get ready for the exercise, increases your heart rate and loosens muscles.
  • Stretching- is an essential part of any workout. It increases flexibility and prevents injuries.
  • Starting slowly- Our personal trainers always offer beginners personally adjusted programs, which gradually build up the intensity and duration as your fitness abilities increase. You should never push yourself too hard!
  • Rest – rest is essential for recovery, but some beginners tend to overlook it. When you’re just starting out you have a slower recovery system, you should rest at least for two days between workouts.

Start your journey to the healthy life with our team of professional trainers. You will be amazed at the progress that can come from doing the basic programs for beginners.